chicken breeds

what is the chicken breeds ?

Chicken breeds; For thousands of years, combined factors for geographical isolation and selection of desired features are regional species with different physical and behavioral characteristics transferred to their offspring.

The physical features used when distinguishing chicken breeds are size, feather color, comb type, skin color, number of toes, amount of feathers, egg color and place of origin.

They are also roughly reserved for primary use,

  • for eggs
  • for meat or ornament
  • dual purpose

In the 21st century, chickens are usually raised according to predetermined breed standards set by management bodies.

  • British Poultry Standard
  • Standard of Excellence,
  • Australian Poultry Standard
  • American Bantam Associationbantam fowl

We as We examined chicken breeds in two main categories.

Large poultry can be found in small size and vice versa. Where there is only a small size, these are called ‘Real Bantams’.

There is another classification made with “hard” and “soft” feather breeds. hard feather breeds are ‘Game’ variants, historically cock-fighting birds.

We have prepared a list of the most popular chicken breeds from A-Z on our website.

Large Fowl

Ancona Chickens

The Ancona large fowl ; originated in the Italian province of Ancona and was bred from a mix of different breeds including Leghorn. The breed owes the name...


Tournai Belgian Bantam

Doornik Bantam ; From the bantams that were often kept in the French-Belgian border region, where the Scheldt enters Belgium, a regional breed was created at...


Brahma Bantam Chickens

Brahma bantam is an ancient breed of chicken. After an unsuccessful attempt in England, they were eventually bred in Germany by crossbreeding from large breed...