Rabbit Breeds from A to Z

So – are you interested in rabbits

It is thought that there are at least 305 domestic rabbit breeds in the world. A breed of rabbits is standardized by natural selection or, more often, by size, fur (length, quality or color) developed by selective breeding for specific traits.


  • American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA)
  • Associations such as the British Rabbit Council (BRC)

coordinate and standardize the desired traits of breeds through promotion and demonstration.


Havana Rabbit

Havana rabbit ; is a type of rabbit that first appeared in the Netherlands in 1898. The animals were first shown at a major international exhibition in Paris...


Tan Rabbit

The Tan Rabbit comes from England. In 1887, the breed was created by crossing hares with domestic rabbits. The tan rabbit is an original English breed bred in...


Hulstlander Rabbit

Hulstlander rabbit; It is a relatively new species and was bred by J. de Graaf in the Hulstlanden area of Overijssel. He used White Vienna rabbit and blue-eyed...


Belgian Hare Rabbit

The Belgian Hare Rabbit is an unusual type of domestic rabbit. With its slender build, long legs and ears, and long head shape, it looks more like a rabbit...