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alaska rabbit

At the end of the nineteenth century, the number of wild fur animals declined sharply. Especially in Siberia and North America, this was clearly noticed for years when hunting these animals. They looked for other options to meet the high demand for fur. Now, in fur rabbit breeding, it was time to breed animals that resemble wild animals, at least when it comes to fur.

Similar to other breeds, the Alaskan rabbit was bred with a desire to imitate a noble fur animal. In the case of Alaskan rabbits, the model was the black Alaskan fox, after which the breed was named. In particular, M. Fischer from Gotha made an effort to cross the breed. Russian, Havana, Dutch, and black and silver rabbits were his starting breeds. In 1907, Alaska rabbits were presented at a show for the first time.

Alaska is classified under the ZDRK standard under medium-sized breeds.

Alaska is a medium-sized (3.25 to 4 kg), monochrome black rabbit breed.

The stocky and stocky body of this breed has a wide chest and back that is very round in appearance. Strong and medium runs create a position independent of the ground.

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alaska black rabbit

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