Belgian Hare Rabbit

british raabbit - belgian hare
Belgian Hare

The Belgian Hare Rabbit is an unusual type of domestic rabbit. With its slender build, long legs and ears, and long head shape, it looks more like a rabbit than a rabbit. The breed was first bred in Belgium, but soon became very popular in the UK and then in the USA. Rabbit is intelligent and spirited. Red-brown fur is typical. There are also white and black animals. source

The hare was created by crossing domesticated rabbits with hares. They were seen at exhibitions in England between 1870 and 1880. However, it was the British rabbit breeder Lumb who first showed the “Belgian Rabbit” at an exhibition. After 1880, thanks to the courageous efforts of Messrs Lumb and Wilkens, the great and glorious career of the “Belgian Rabbit” began.

The rabbit’s body shape is unique. The original breed’s fur color can also be found in Deilenaar and as a color type in other breeds. The rabbit’s red was transferred to the Red New Zealander and sour rabbit among others.

The ideal weight of rabbits is 3.50 to 4.25 kg.

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Belgian Hare Rabbit
Hase - kaninchen

Also known by the names : Hasen, Hasenkaninchen, Lièvre Belge, Lepre Belga, Lepre, Belgische Haas

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