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Czech Spotted Rabbit

Czech Spotted Rabbit (Czech Checkered Rabbit) is a medium sized rabbit up to 3.0 to 3.75 kg, Czech pinto up to 4 kg. It originated in the Czech Republic. They have short, upright ears. The rabbit comes in agouti, black, blue, beige, tortoise, and tricolor. It has a speckled pattern. Due to the history of its origins, the breed is known as the Kleinschecke in Germany while internationally it is known as the Czech Schecke, including the European standard.

It was created in 1906. A mix of a Checkered Giant and a Dalmatian Rabbit. The name “Czech Spotted” comes from the rabbit and mottled fur pattern from the Czech Republic. It was brought to Germany, Poland and Sweden in 1930. It has been recognized by the Czech Breeders Association since 2000.

It is not recognized by the American Rabbit Breeders Association or the British Rabbit Council.

The appearance and special features of the little pinto; The head drawing is similar to that of other point-spotted breeds, including the nose drawing (so-called butterfly), narrow but equally wide eye edge, cheek points on both sides, and ear markings as sharply defined as possible.

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Czech Checkered Rabbit

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