French Lop Rabbit

french lop - rabbit
French Lop black and white

The French Lop rabbit is a very ancient breed. The French Lop was first bred as a meat rabbit in France around 1850. It is believed to have been produced by crossing the two existing breeds, the English Lop and the Giant Papillon. Through selection, they got to where they are now with the French Lop. The French Lop rose in Germany around 1869 in the place called the “German Widder”, and was busy developing the breed in Switzerland.

In the Netherlands and Belgium, the breed is only named after its country of origin France, hence the French Lop.

The French Lop was recognized in the Netherlands in 1907 and included in the standard.

The French Lop is similar to the English Lop, but the French Lop is heavier in stature and does not have the exaggerated ear length of the English Lop.

Originally thought of as a “meat breed”, young animals develop very quickly and grow fully in a relatively short time. This outstanding breed is still widely bred for meat, but can also be enjoyed at exhibitions at home and abroad. This large breed is less popular as a pet for children.

The weight of the French lop is between 4.5 and 6 kg.

rabbit breeds - lop
French Lop rabbit
big eared - lop rabbit
French Lop

Also known by the names : Französiche Widder, Bélier Francais, Ariete Francese, Franse Hangoor

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