German Giant Papillon Rabbit

papillon rabbit - german
German Giant Papillon

The German Giant Papillon or German Checkered Giant rabbit takes the size of the German giant, but with a different fur pattern, a slightly negative weight and a finer bone structure. The body is large, long and slightly cylindrical.

Rabbit is available in black and white, blue and white, and havana color and white. The characteristic covering marks belong to the butterfly head, rings around the eyes, cheek points and ear marks. It consists of boat drawing, eel line and side notes.

Smilar Breed ; Czech Spotted Rabbit Kleinschecken

France is known as the country of origin of large spotted rabbits. The German giant papillon emerged from the crossbreeding of Papillon rabbits and German giants. Recognition is from 1908.

Weight ; 6 -10 kg

The ideal weight of the black and white German giant papillon is 6 to 10 kg. The minimum weight is 5.5 kg. Body length is slightly 64cm and normal is 68cm.

giant papillon - german rabbit
German Giant rabbit

Also known by the names : Deutsche Riesenschecke,  Géant Papillon Allemand, Duitse Reuze Vlinder

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