Gouwenaar Rabbit

Gouwenaar - havana - rabbit
Gouwenaar rabbits

Gouwenaar was born from a Dutch pigeon breeder in Gouda. In 1920, a pigeon breeder bought a litter Havana rabbit with some blue-gray animals. He hid these animals and continued to breed them under the name Gouwenaar. In 1927 the Gouwenaar was recognized as a rabbit breed.

Gouwenaars come from the Havana rabbit and have been known as Gouwenaars in the Netherlands since 1927. They are ideal pets and supply tan with their pastel-like light blue coat.

There are three very similar varieties:

  • Dutch Gouwenaar
  • English Lilac
  • German Marburger Feh. They are very similar, but from different races.

Weight: 2.5 – 3.5 kg

lilac - dutch rabbit

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