Havana Rabbit

rabbit breeds - dark brown
havana rabbit

Havana rabbit ; is a type of rabbit that first appeared in the Netherlands in 1898. The animals were first shown at a major international exhibition in Paris in 1902. Because of the special sparkle in this rabbit’s eyes called the fire glow, the breed was later called the “Ingense Fire Eye”. Later, the rabbit had another name, Beaver Rabbit, until it eventually got the permanent breed name Havana.

Body color is intense, rich dark brown.

This breed is the ancestor of others, including Fee de Marbourg, Perlefee, and Gris Perle, including Hal.

Weight: 2-2,9 kg

dutch rabbit - havanna
havanna rabbit

Also known by the names : Havanna Kaninchen, Havane, Avana, Havanna

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