Hulstlander Rabbit

Hulstlander - dutch rabbit breeds
Hulstlander rabbit

Hulstlander rabbit; It is a relatively new species and was bred by J. de Graaf in the Hulstlanden area of Overijssel. He used White Vienna rabbit and blue-eyed Polish rabbit for this. The breed originated in the early 1980s and was included in the standard of the Dutch Rabbit Breeders Association in 1984. The breed is hardly seen in other countries. Hulstlander rabbit look is most similar to KleinZilver. The breed has a short, stocky build with well padded front and back and a nice outline.

Weight : 2.5 kg

The Hulstlander is kept on a limited scale by sporting breeders. As a pet for children, it can be very temperamental.

dutch rabbit
Hulstlander rabbit – blue eyes

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