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lynx rabbit - lux


The original name lynx was changed to lux (light), as the color of the coat contradicts that of the real lynx. The distribution of the breed is still rather weak and (still) very different.

Karl Hiffmann, Düsseldorf received some yellowish animals in 1918 from the crossing of Marburger Feh and Perlfeh. On the advice of a cleaning woman (hat maker), Hoffmann continued to breed with these animals.

In 1919 he showed the breed to the public for the first time in Düsseldorf. 1922 it was recognized and quickly made friends.

Today it is common all over Germany, because the delicate, light, silver-like blue of the ceiling is a real feast for the eyes. In terms of coat quality and color, the breed shows a quality state that is quite impressive. Lux rabbits are a small breed of deer-colored. The top color should be a light, silvery shimmering blue, which has a slightly brownish-red tint due to the light shimmering through of the intermediate color. The jaw rims are white.

The lux rabbits have an ideal weight of 2.50 to 3.25 kg. The minimum weight is 2.00 kg.

kaninchen - german rabbit

Also known by the names : Luxkaninchen, Lynx, Lince

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