Mecklenburg piebald Rabbit

Mecklenburg piebald - german breeds
Mecklenburg piebald rabbit

Mecklenburg piebald has been bred since 1973 by Rudolf Wulf of the Goldenbow in Mecklenburg. For their experiments, the Giant Check and Blue Viennese or Giant Checks and hybrid animals from Alaska were then paired with black and white, coats of German ram rabbits. Mecklenburg piebalds were first shown at Wittenberge in 1980. source

According to the standard, a medium-sized, stocky, cylindrical rabbit should have a pied coat. Normal weight is 4.5 kg (minimum weight 3.5 kg, maximum weight 5.5 kg). Powerful head and ears should mainly be covered with the drawing color, the body should be completely covered with it.

its ideal weight is ; 4.5 to 5.5 kg

rabbit - german - Mecklenburger
Mecklenburg piebald gold
Mecklenburg Rabbit
Mecklenburg piebald rabbits

Also known by the names : Mecklenburger Schecke, Tacheté de Mecklenbourg, Pezzato di Mecleburgo

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