Rhinelander Rabbit

tricolour rabbits - Rhinelander rabbit
Rhinelander rabbit

The Rhinelander rabbit belongs to the breeds of rabbits that have a striking color pattern where the body is predominantly white, with colored spots on the head and sides and a colored back stripe. The breed was bred in the early 20th century by Mr. J. Heintz of Grevenbroich, in the Rhineland, who explained his name. Among other things, he used wild colored spotted purebred rabbits and Harlequin rabbits patterns. Then English Papillon rabbit was passed. In 1905 the breed was officially recognized and made its way to other countries.

The base color is pure white. The markings on the head, dorsal stripe, and upper side of the tail show two colors, black and yellow, excluding the cheek tips and spots of silk markings. These can be monochrome. However, two-tone cheek patches and silk-marked patches are considered ideal. source

Weight ; 3 – 4 kg

german rabbbit breeds
Rhinelander rabbits

Also known by the names : Rheinische Schecke, Papillon Rhénan, Pezzata Tricolore, Rijnlander

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