Tan Rabbit

black tan - Feu, Feu noir
tan rabbit - black

The Tan Rabbit comes from England. In 1887, the breed was created by crossing hares with domestic rabbits. The tan rabbit is an original English breed bred in Brailsford near Derby. Little Silver, Dutch rabbit and wild colored rabbits are considered to be the ancestors of this breed.

Pure, bright base colors, black, brown, and blue – and the fiery red-yellow complexion add admiration and interest to the breeder and the observer.

weight: It is a small rabbit species with a weight of 2-3.25 kg.

The body is compact and cylindrical, the neck is not visible. The ears are fleshy and fit the length of the body. The rabbit should not have a choker.

tan - Lohkaninchen
Tan Rabbit blue
tan - Focata - Tankonijn
Tan Rabbit brown

Also known by the names : Lohkaninchen, Feu noir, Focata, Tankonijn

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