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Ameraucana Bantam

Ameraucana Bantam is a clean-legged bird with a pea comb. Like their standard counterparts, they come in multiple colors. They also lay eggs in shades of blue...

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Iowa Blue Chickens

In the early 1900s, blue chicken was developed near Decorah, Iowa (USA). Iowa Blue chickens are a multipurpose breed with good meat and a lot of eggs. They...

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Wyandotte Chickens

Wyandotte’s origins date back to the 19th century, when the silver-edged black variety emerged in New York state by crossing samples of silver Sebright...

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Delaware Chickens

The delaware chicken , originally called Indian Rivers, was bred in 1940 by George Ellis in Delaware / USA from striped Plymouth Rock roosters and New...

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American Game Fowl

The American Games was created from a variety of European and Eastern games.The American Game is an American breed of game fowl, chickens bred specifically for...