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Ameraucana chickens

History of the Ameraucana ; The recent history behind this breed extends back into the 1920s’ and to South America – Chile to be specific. Mapuche Indians...

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White Brahma Chicken

White Brahmas; are known for their unusual appearance and size. we even come across giant chickens in some videos. Brahmas are extremely durable chickens. They...

Large Fowl

Rhode Island Red Chicken

Rhode İsland Red Origin ; İn the middle of the 19th century, around 1860, rhode island red is a widely used chicken breed grown as a commercial chicken breed...


Jersey Giant Bantam

Jersey Giant Bantam Type ; Jersey Giant bantam was developed in New Jersey in the 1870s. They have the same shape and color explanations as the standard breed...

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Dark Brahma Chickens

Dark Brahmas Giant Chickens It is a very old type of muffed chicken with Asian origin. Dark brahma, along with light, is one of the first varieties of the...