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Havana Rabbit

Havana rabbit ; is a type of rabbit that first appeared in the Netherlands in 1898. The animals were first shown at a major international exhibition in Paris...


Hulstlander Rabbit

Hulstlander rabbit; It is a relatively new species and was bred by J. de Graaf in the Hulstlanden area of Overijssel. He used White Vienna rabbit and blue-eyed...


Deilenaar Rabbit Breeds

Deilenaar was developed by a breeder from the town of Deil in Betuwe. The breeder Mr. Ridderhof never disclosed the rabbits he created the new breed, but...


Gouwenaar Rabbit

Gouwenaar was born from a Dutch pigeon breeder in Gouda. In 1920, a pigeon breeder bought a litter Havana rabbit with some blue-gray animals. He hid these...