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Large Fowl

Ixworth Chickens

The Ixworth chickens is a British breed of domestic white chicken. It is named after the Suffolk village of Ixworth, where it was founded in 1932. It was bred...

Large Fowl

Hamburg Chickens

The Hamburg Chickens is a breed of chicken that was first described in Great Britain and Holland around 1700. The Hamburg speckled chicken was introduced to...


Marans Bantam

The Marans Bantam poultry breed was likely bred in the town of the same name near La Rochelle on the French Atlantic coast. However, there are also voices that...


Sebright Bantam

This little charming bantam hen is special in many ways. The name comes from its originator, the English nobleman Sir John Saunders Sebright, who lived from...


Rhode Island Bantam

In most sources, Germany is given as the country of origin of this breed. But that is not certain. Instead, the Rhode bantams were probably first bred in...


Sussex Bantam

The Sussex Bantam was bred as a miniature version of the Sussex around 1920. It has a rectangular body, medium-length tail feathers, a wide, deep chest, red...