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Gournay Chickens

It takes its name from the village of Gournay en Bray, in Seine Maritime. Gournay chickens is part of the triptych, Mantes and Houdan. They are very close...

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Bourbourg Chickens

Bourgbourg  chickens ; As its name suggests, this breed originates from the surroundings of Bourbourg. It comes from the crossing of a Brahma rooster (Asian...

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Limousine chickens

The Limousine chickens is basically a small rustic and rather disparate local hen, raised on Limousin farms since the dawn of time, without any real fame...

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Barbezieux Chickens

Barbezieux French Breeds İnformations ; is currently the largest original French chicken breed. They were bred before 1900 in the region around the small...

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Marans Chicken Breeds

Marans Chicken History; It grew up in and around the city of Marans in the early 19th and early 20th centuries in Western France.Evolution of the Marans type...