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Sumatra Game Fowl

The rather rare Asian breed (not very prolific) is native to the island of Sumatra (Indonesia). Sumatra chicken is also known as the “Sumatran...


Orloff Bantam Chickens

The Orloff bantam breed is one of the rare breeds. In the early 20s, Rudolf Barth started to outbred the Orloff bantam . Due to a lack of space, he had to hand...

Large Fowl

American Game Fowl

The American Games was created from a variety of European and Eastern games.The American Game is an American breed of game fowl, chickens bred specifically for...

Large Fowl

Sundanese Gamefowl

Sunda Islands gamefowl or Indonesian gamefowl Sundanese are originally from the Indonesian island of Java. The today’s Sundan warrior was created by...


Cornish Bantam Chicken

indian game bantam; Born in England the end of the 19th century . indian game was breed from chicken breeds of Noble, Malay and Old English fighters, in...


Old English Game Bantam

OEG Bantams Chicken History The Old English Game is that the progenitor of the Old English Bantam Chicken. The word bantam means small, or miniature. When...