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Spanish Bantam

The White-Faced Spanish Bantam poultry breed has been known in England, the Netherlands and Germany since the turn of the century. With the help of imports...


Bielefelder Bantam

Bielefelder Bantam is a very young breed originating in Germany and Bantam is one of the breeds. Bielefeld large fowl; It was created using Amrocks, Mecheln...

Large Fowl

Kraienköppe Chickens

Kraienköppe Twents hoen has a reputation for being sturdy and easy to maintain, particularly hard-working egg layers. In addition, beautiful backyard chickens...


Lakenfelder Bantam

There is no big difference between the Large Lakenfelder and his bantam version. The starting breeds for the creation of bantams are Vorwerk bantam, German...


Thuringian Bantam

Thuringian Bearded bantam ; It was created in Germany around 1915 from the Antwerp Bearded Bantams. It is a vigorous bantam chicken with plenty of hair, full...