What are Waterfowl ?

Types Of Waterfowl

Waterfowl, all varieties of ducks, goose, and swans; In Britain the term refers only to domesticated swans, geese, and ducks kept for ornamental purposes.

wildfowl being the term used for wild birds of this group, especially in the context of shooting for sport.

Anseriformes is an order of birds that comprise about 180 living species in three families: Anhimidae (the 3 screamers), Anseranatidae (the magpie goose), and Anatidae, the largest family, which includes over 170 species of waterfowl, among them the ducks, geese, and swans. Most modern species in the order are highly adapted for an aquatic existence at the water surface.


American Buff Goose

The American Buff goose is a type of goose native to the United States. It was first recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1947. The American goose...


Gimbsheim duck

Gimbsheim duck ; From 1958 to 1963, Orpington was bred from American Pekin and Saxony ducks in Gimbsheim (Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany). Medium-sized...


Swedish Yellow Duck

Svenks Gul Anka The Swedish yellow duck is a rare breed derived from the Swedish domestic duck. The breed was developed in the 20th century and was common...


Saxony ducks

Saxony Ducks; It was brought back in the thirties and fifties of the 20th century from the crosses of Rouen ducks, German Peking ducks, and Pomeranian ducks...


American Pekin Duck

American Pekin Duck , or White Pekin, is a species of American native duck that is bred primarily for meat. It is a wild duck that was obtained from birds...