American Buff Goose

american buff goose
Amerikanische Gänse

The American Buff goose is a type of goose native to the United States. It was first recognized by the American Poultry Association in 1947.

The American goose is one of the few domestic goose breeds to originate in the United States. Some believe the breed was developed from buff mutations in herds of wild Graylag geese, or that they may have been created from buff-colored geese from Europe, such as the Buff Back, Pomeranian, and Pilgrim. This breed is a medium to heavy, flat-chested and double-lobed breed with a similar stance to the Embden Goose.

American Buff is a beautiful apricot-light brown. The buff feathers on its back and sides are creamy white. His belly is almost white.

weight ;

  • Male goose ; 8 kg
  • Female goose ; 5 kg
buff goose - goose breeds - waterfowl
American geese

Also known by the names : Amerikanische Gänse, Oie américaine, American geese

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