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duck - call duck

The Call Duck is known as “Canard Mignon” in France and “Call Duck” in England as “Zwergenten” in Germany. The call Duck is perhaps the most famous Dutch duck, along with the Crooked Beak Duck and the Crested Duck, is now very common, has been selected and studied in the UK and especially in the United States.

The first recorded mention of the breed is from the Netherlands where it is used as a bait and is known as a coyote or forage duck. Imports from the Netherlands and the selection made between the 1980s and 1990s changed the Duck’s shape, shrunk the body, rounded the head, and shortened the beak.

It is a highly productive duck that produces about 50 eggs a year and is generally free of fertility issues.

The call Duck is a beautiful and sweet duck, its round face, big eyes, friendly conversation of the female have always caused strong emotions in us breeders, for example they remember childish faces and gestures.

  • Male Duck; 680g
  • Female Duck; 570g
call duck - small breeds
white call duck
Canard Mignon - small duck
call duck

Also known by the names : Zwergenten, Canard mignon

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