Campbell Duck

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campbell duck

The Campbell Duck is an English domestic duck breed. It was bred in England as a runner duck. It was developed in Uley in Gloucestershire, England, in the early 20th century; In 1898, the Khaki variety was introduced to the public in 1901. The goal is that the outstanding spawning performance of runner ducks should be transferred to a larger-bodied duck.

Campbell ducks are easy to keep, very tolerable and social ducks, they are also relatively quiet and provide a large number of eggs for the self-sufficient. In addition, they have an unusual appearance, with their distinctive khaki color.

Campbells can be of three color variants: khaki, dark and white. Improved by switching between Mallard, Rouen and Runner ducks. It was bred in England as a leg duck.

Khaki Campbell took over as the best egg-laying duck and his name is well known today. Khaki Campbell proved to be very agile, very efficient and extremely productive. It spawned many varieties: White Campbell, Dark Campbell, welsh Harlequin, Abacot Ranger, and Whaylesbury hybrid (Welsh Harlequin x Aylesbury).


  • Male : 2.5 kg
  • Female : 2 kg

The number of eggs per year is approximately; 200 (up to 300)

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khaki campbell duck

Also known by the names : Campbell Enten, Canard Campbell

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