Chinese Goose Breed

goose breeds - Höckergänse - Oie caronculée de Chine
chinese goose

The Chinese goose ; it was domesticated from wild swan goose (Anser cygnoides) in Northeast Asia centuries ago. It was brought to Europe from China or Japan in the 18th century.

Elegant goose with an upright posture, forehead bumps, swan-like curved neck and hard feathers; trumpet sound. Chinese goose are a close cousin of the African goose, also a heavier species from the swan goose. Gray-brown, gray-blue and white colors are permitted.

  • Male goose : 5 kg
  • Female goose : 4 kg

This breed of geese, which are very happy to lay goose, usually lay 60-70 eggs a year. Ganter is very aggressive during the breeding season.

white gooste - chinese
chinese goose – white colour
chinese goose
chinese goose -wild colour

Also known by the names : Höckergänse – Oie caronculée de Chine

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