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duck breeds - crested duck
crested duck breeds

The crested duck is a domestic duck species. It was probably brought to Europe from the East Indies by Dutch ships. It has an appearance because it is heterozygous for a genetic mutation that causes deformity in the skull.

These Old Dutch crested ducks generally come in two forms today: the most common white colored large-crested duck and the crested bantam duck, which is slightly smaller than the mallard but in all sorts of colors and beautiful crests.

The old Dutch crested duck is a medium sized duck with a more or less horizontal attitude. It has a large rounded top. This is a large, round hair ball that sits lightly on the back of the head and grows on a meaty lump. The crest should be tightly capped and symmetrical. This breed comes in all known color varieties. Type and crown shape take precedence over color and marking. The color of the coat of arms does not have to be the same as the color of the feather.

These ducks are among the oldest poultry breeds in the Netherlands. Its origin is believed to be in Indonesia, where the Balie duck also bears crest. Crested ducks are sure to excel in Holland.

  • Male – female: 2.5 kg – 2 kg
  • Bantam male – female: 1.0 -1.5 kg.

Dutch crested ducks are friendly, discreet, harmonious, and usually begin to spawn in early spring, sometimes even in winter. They lay 75-100 large white eggs.

White colored large-crested duck

enten - duck - crested - white
crested duck white

Crested bantam duck

crested duck
crested duck wild colour

Also known by the names : Landenten, Canard femier (huppé)

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