East indian Duck

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Black East Indian duck

The East Indie or Black East Indian duck is an ornamental domestic duck species. It is a small race. It is thought to originate in the United States, but its exact origin is unknown. It has been known at various times, with other names such as “Brazil”, “Buenos Airean”, “Labrador”, and other names that point to a geographical origin. source

The emerald duck is a relatively small duck that impresses with its intense emerald green metallic sheen. The duck’s body should be elongated and well rounded on all sides. The wings are long, which keeps the ability to fly.

In addition to the intense brightness of the feathers, great attention is paid to the black beak and barrel color. With a mid-high stance, it is essential that the heel joint is still visible.

Shell color of eggs; It is very dark green, almost black, gradually becoming lighter.

  • Male Duck : 1.2 kg
  • Female Duck : 0.9 kg
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East Indian Duck

Also known by the names : Smaragd Enten, Canard émeraude

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