Forest Duck

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Forest duck

The story of Forest duck around 1890. Herman Bertrand from Forest near Brussels conceived the idea of breeding a blue duck with good meat and laying capacities. Bertrand initially named his creation after himself and coined the Latin name “Anas bertrandi” or “Bertrand’s Duck“. The intention was to obtain a single-colored blue duck with dark lacing.

The Forest duck was the showpiece of the Belgian duck breeds. She has attracted a lot of attention at international exhibitions because of the refined blue laced plumage, similar to that of Andalusian fowl.

The  Eend van Vorst is a duck with good meat and laying capacities. The beak should be slate blue and the legs should be as dark as possible, preferably also with dark webbed feet.

  • Male: 3.0 kg
  • Female: 2.5 kg.
Eend van Vorst - belgian duck
Forest duck belgian ducks

Also known by the names : Vorster Enten, Canard de Forest, Eend van Vorst

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