What are Waterfowl ?

Types Of Waterfowl

Waterfowl, all varieties of ducks, goose, and swans; In Britain the term refers only to domesticated swans, geese, and ducks kept for ornamental purposes.

wildfowl being the term used for wild birds of this group, especially in the context of shooting for sport.

Anseriformes is an order of birds that comprise about 180 living species in three families: Anhimidae (the 3 screamers), Anseranatidae (the magpie goose), and Anatidae, the largest family, which includes over 170 species of waterfowl, among them the ducks, geese, and swans. Most modern species in the order are highly adapted for an aquatic existence at the water surface.


Chinese Goose Breed

The Chinese goose ; it was domesticated from wild swan goose (Anser cygnoides) in Northeast Asia centuries ago. It was brought to Europe from China or Japan in...


Campbell Duck

The Campbell Duck is an English domestic duck breed. It was bred in England as a runner duck. It was developed in Uley in Gloucestershire, England, in the...


Forest Duck

The story of Forest duck around 1890. Herman Bertrand from Forest near Brussels conceived the idea of breeding a blue duck with good meat and laying capacities...


Abacot Ranger Duck

Brought in England from Campbell and running ducks; It was introduced in Germany in the 1920s. Due to its similarity to the khaki Campbell duck, the abacot...


Crested Duck

The crested duck is a domestic duck species. It was probably brought to Europe from the East Indies by Dutch ships. It has an appearance because it is...